The Committee of Professors of Operational Research is open to all Professors in the subject, and provides academic leadership in the discipline.  Working alongside the Operational Research Society, the professional body for OR, we represent the views of the discipline to universities, funding bodies, research councils and government bodies.

Any professor in Operational Research at a UK University can apply for membership - please contact the secretary for more information.

The discipline of Operational Research aims to develop and apply advanced analytical methods in support of decision making, whether this is in business, government or the third sector. Operational Research is also called Management Science (and sometimes OR/MS) in the UK, and can also be found within Industrial Engineering. Because of the breadth of OR, Operational Researchers can be found in Mathematics Departments, Business Schools, and Engineering Schools. Recognizing that Operational Researchers publish in a wide variety of journals, COPIOR has recently agreed a journal ranking list for the UK OR community.


For more information about Operational Research in the UK click through to
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